Smart pole

India first’s city, vizag to come up with smart pole which could accelerate Visakhapatnam’s transformation into a smart city.
As a part of smart city project, GVMC(Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation ) is working to install smart poles on various locations across the city.
Smart pole is integrated with multiple functions which includes weather monitoring, CCTVs, WI-FI hotspot, public broadcast functions, pollution control measures, LED lights etc. smart pole is integrated with “command and control center”(CCC) which is tasked with overall supervision, monitoring and surveillance.

Benefits of smart pole are:

Disaster notification: In case of an emergency situation like a natural disaster (cyclone, tsunami, earthquake, etc.) it will inform the Government agency. It can withstand wind upto 255km/hr.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi hotspot has been installed to give free access to nearby citizens and residents.

Security: Each smart pole will comprise of fixed CCTV camera and one or two pan-tilt-zoom cameras (PTZ cameras) capable of capturing high definition remote directional and zoom control video surveillance.

Cost efficient: Street lights in today’s world are costly. The LED lights used in the Smart Poles saves energy utilities and money.

Sustainability: The environmental sensors can collect and transmit data, including temperature, humidity, noise, air quality levels and others, to the CCC.

Apart from all other advantages, it also has public address system to broadcast any information to public and an emergency call box and telecom antenna to provide network in the region.

How did you find this initiative by government of smart city using smart poles ???

Do you feel it is a good step towards society ??
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Editor: Taher Ujjainwala

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