IBM unveils ‘World’s Smallest Computer’ 

With technology advancement , IBM has always been one step ahead in future tech and has recently unveiled world’s smallest computer. From supercomputers to storage devices, IBM has always been working on unique technologies and trying to be one foot ahead in future tech.

This time in it’s flagship conference held on 19thmarch, IBM unveiled about its world’s smallest computer. It is literally smaller than a grain.

Being the size smaller than a grain, it is embedded with full-fledged processor alongwith memory components and up to 1 million of transistors embedded inside a 1mm X 1mm chip size which is barely visible to human eye. This machine has computing power as that of x86 family from 1990, which is considerably good compared to those larger magnitude machines.
This device costs less than 10 cents and has the ability to monitor, analyse, communicate and act on different data. It can do some of the basic Al tasks such as sorting the data which is given.

The main aim behind developing this tiny chip was to ensure the security of goods. It means this chip can be embedded with product packaging which is useful in tracking and logging of goods during movement in real time (by receiving up to date information about the product shipment and everything related to it), detect theft and fraud.

“Within the next five years, cryptographic anchors- such as ink dots or tiny computers which are very small in size will be used to embed in everyday objects and devices to keep a track”, says IBM head of research Arvind Krishna.

Source/ Pic Courtesy: IBM Research
Editor: Taher Ujjainwala

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