The world is growing rapidly day by day. Science and technology is playing major role in the economic and technological development. There are people who are keen to develop something new which can be proved beneficial to the world and mankind. We are in the very developing phase of the world. Science and technology is trying to fill the gaps between the technology and humans. Here is one of the products made for us.

This product is named as ScanMarker air. There is always a story behind a successful product. Even this product has it’s own story. Dr Reuven Regev, the CEO of the ScanMarker Company is famous for being such a successful electronic engineer and creator of the revolutionary Scan Marker. While doing his education and research in RAFAEL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (RDC), Regev started developing some of his ideas into products. During his studies, many subjects required intense reading and research. During exams, the students used to highlight the important points to make notes. Regev became frustrated of highlighting so much points and the amount of time it would take to copy for compiling notes. This frustration was a catalyst to the idea of the development of Scan Marker.

ScanMarker is a bridge between physical and digital. ScanMarker is basically a portable scanner, not just a scanner but a lot more than this. ScanMarker device can be easily held in hand between fingers just like pen. Weight of Scan Marker is just 60 grams. It consists of a glass tip which is square in shape and has a slight angle from the base. It acts as a smooth lens with two guides on either sides. These guides can be placed on top of any page and slide gently to scan the lines of the page. The lines scanned are sent directly to the computer which makes it editable. Scan Marker body is made up of plastic which are smooth and easy to hold, just like a normal highlighter. It consists of 100 mAh battery and an input of 5V. It consists of two LEDs. The first one is an indicator for Bluetooth and other one is an indicator for low-battery. Bluetooth can be connected to the computer via USB; and phones via Bluetooth pairing. Scan Marker does have an app and a software for phones and computers. It is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Android OS.

As it scans the line, it captures printed text as a raw image and then processes it with the Optical character recognition (OCR) software. After installing software or app, you can hold ScanMarker and slide gently on any line of the page to scan and those lines will appear on the computer screen or phone. If you hold it steady, you can copy the entire line in just 1 second. Scan Marker is capable of any font upto 22pt. It can recognize upto 3000 words per minute. The square glass guide is about 0.4 inches (1 cm) wide which makes it capable of scanning two lines (if both lines are completely enclosed) at a time. But, if you have a document with a larger text, you can scan only 1 line at a time. After scanning operation, the text obtained on the computer screen is a text document which is editable. Scan Marker comes with a good battery life, capable of 7 days of average use after being fully charged.

Additionally, it is also capable of reading a text aloud as you move it over the page. It has a buffer that stores almost half a page. You can keep scanning as much as you want and wait for the ScanMarker to read it for you. It also possesses an ability of translating the scanned text into different language. It supports upto 40 languages which can either read the translated text to you or type translated the document on your computer screen. It also supports barcode recognition. The Scan Marker can also upload your documents to Google drive, iCloud, Dropbox or send via Email.

ScanMarker is an excellent tool for the students suffering from dyslexia or other learning disabilities. ScanMarker is about 30 times faster than typing the text itself. ScanMarker company comes with a warranty of one year. ScanMarker company launched two devices named as ScanMarker and other named as ScanMarker Air. The only difference between both of them is that ScanMarker device supports USB connection with the PC and ScanMarker Air device supports wireless connection via Bluetooth. Price of Scan Marker is $79 and of Scan Marker Air is $99. You can buy for yourself at

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