Who doesn’t wear sunglasses? As far as I know, almost everyone loves to wear sunglasses in almost every season and every occasion. We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays of Sun. Till now you would have seen many sunglasses of various brands such as Ray-Ban, Prada, Gucci, etc. Sunglasses of such brands have a good lens, different design for top bars and a comfortable earpiece. But what if you get something extra to it? Well, you would be thinking what extra can you expect to get from a sunglass. So here I have something for you called as “ZUNGLE SUNGLASSES”. This is not a simple sunglass which you get from various brands but the company adds cherries to the cake.

Jason Yang, co founder of Zungle company, was annoyed wearing earpiece along with the sunglasses to listen music while wake boarding. This gave him an idea of creating sunglasses which plays music as well. Jason love sports specially wake boarding. So, Jason decided to get rid of this inconvenience. Zungle’s sunglasses will let you hear music along with seeing. These sunglasses can be used during skiing, biking, wake boarding, etc.

Zungle company’s sunglasses are based on Bone-conduction technology. Bone conduction technology lets you hear the music through the vibrations to the skull rather than listening through your ears. This technology is extremely different and unique which attracts users. These glasses are light in weight (50g). The music can be played using inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 system. These sunglasses are embedded with 300 mAh battery which plays songs for almost 4 hours on full charge. The Bluetooth is compatible with smartphone, computer, tablet, etc. Battery can be charged within 1 hour via USB slot provided in sunglasses. One package of Zungle’s sunglasses includes USB cable, cleaning cloth, manual & warranty, soft case, sticker pack. While buying normal sunglasses we prefer to buy the best shades we like but here you have been given an option to replace or change it whenever you want. Company provides you with 5 different colors of black, white, grey, neon green and neon pink. Bone conduction speakers is present on each end of legs. It also comes with built-in noise cancelling mic which allows you to make or answer phone calls. It will be more comfortable while riding or running. The right leg of Zungle sunglasses has a touch pad control. This touch pad will let you control your music playlist. With each slide, music can be change. Sound system of sunglasses gives superior sound quality. Zungle uses UV400 protection and replaceable lens in sunglasses. The colours available in the lens are fire, jade, blue, violet, ruby, titanium, black.

Price of Zungle sunglasses are starting from $150.
You can buy for yourself at Zungle’s official site – https://www.zungleinc.com/shop/ 

Pic Courtesy: https://zungleinc.com/

Editor: Anuj Gupta

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